Hello world!

Welcome to our blog.  This blog is run by Tyrel Park and Jason Hamilton and we are into so much random stuff it’s difficult to describe what is to come.  We are long time friends and share a passion for learning, enjoy undertaking completely random projects, both large and small, and are always searching for something new to spark our interests.  Whether it’s spending too much money on computers, racing our cars or drinking way too much, we make sure to have fun while doing it.   This blog will be so random and have no cohesion between topics whatsoever except for the common theme of having fun.  We are by no means professionals, rather just hobbyists learning something new.  Whatever you do, don’t try these things at home otherwise you will find yourself spending too much money, dumped by your girlfriend, homeless and possibly having the most fun in your life.  Remember, it’s not about how much you know, rather how much others think you know- actually the reverse is probably true.

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